How to Solve the Problem of Self-adhesive Label Stickers Edge Warp and Air Bubble in Winter?

In winter, Self-adhesive label stickers frequently come up a variety of problems from time to time, especially on plastic bottles.When the temperature goes down, there will be edge-warping, bubbling and wrinkling. It is especially obvious in some labels with large format size attached to the curved surface. So, how can we solve the problem of self-adhesive label stickers edge warp and air bubble in winter?

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There are many factors account for this situation. Below are the details.

1.If the label material is paper, there is no contraction and expansion performance when the temperature changes.
2.The adhesive viscosity used in the label is low, so it fails to be firmly combined with the pasted object.
3.When labeling, there is a gap between the stickers and the object to be affixed, which will also lead to these situations.
4.The surface factors of the attached object, such as the attachment is spherical or some other shapes that are difficult to paste. Perhaps the surface has oil, irregular particles and so on.
5.Label storage conditions. In some individual cases, the label is in line with the requirements, but it is not stored in the correct storage environment, leading to the label edge-warping, bubbling and wrinkling.

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1.Choose materials suitable for low temperature winter labeling environment, such as low temperature resistant special labels. Competitive enterprises can use PE material self-adhesive labels.
2.It’s better to label and store at a temperature above 15 degrees in winter. After labeling, store in an environment which is above 15 degrees for 24 hours before moving to another temperature environment.
3.The most suitable labeling site is small area and size the surface of the attached object is flat and clean.

Post time: Nov-18-2022