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  • Carpe diem  Seize the day

    Carpe diem Seize the day

    On 11/11/2022 ShaWei Digital organized staff to the field yard for half a day's outdoor activities to promote team communication, increase team cohesion and create a positive atmosphere. Barbecue The barbecue started at 1 p.m...
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  • Shawei Digital’s Amazing Adventure

    Shawei Digital’s Amazing Adventure

    To build an efficient team, enrich employees' spare time life, improve employees' stability and sense of belonging. All employees of Shawei Digital Technology went to Zhoushan on July 20 for a pleasant three-day excursion. Zhoushan, located in Zhejiang Province, is an is...
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  • Happy Dragon Boat Fesitival

    Happy Dragon Boat Fesitival

    —- Lunar May 5th, Shawei Digital wish you a happy and prosperous Dragon Boat Festival.   Shawei Digital are designed to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in June 2021 by hosting a “Birthday Party and Zongzi Making Competition”. All the employees were involved and try their be...
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  • Party building in spring.

    Party building in spring.

    Spring comes and everything comes to life,in order to welcome the beautiful spring, Shawei Digital Team has organized a romantic spring tour to the destination — Shanghai happy valley.
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  • Lantern Festival Activities

    Lantern Festival Activities

    In order to welcome the Lantern Festival , Shawei Digital Team has organized a party , more than 30 staff  are ready to make Lantern Festival at 3:00 PM.all people are full of joy and laughter.Everyone took an active part in the lottery for guessing lantern riddles.More ...
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  • Birthday Party

    Birthday Party

    We had a warm birthday party in the cold winter ,to celebrate together and hold a outdoor BBQ.The birthday girl also got a red envelope from the company
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  • Online Exhibition for Label & Packing —Mexico & Vietnam

    Online Exhibition for Label & Packing —Mexico & Vietnam

    In Dec, Shawei Label held two exhibitions online for Mexico packing and Vietnam Labeling.Here we are mainly displaying our colorful DIY packing materials and Art paper stickers to our customer, and introduce printing & packing style , as well as function . Online show allows us to communicate...
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  • HUAWEI – The training of sales ability

    HUAWEI – The training of sales ability

    In order to improve the ability of salesmen, our company recently attended the training course of HUAWEI. Advanced sales concept, scientific team management. let us and other excellent teams to learn a lot of experience. Through this training, our team will become more excellent, we will serve...
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  • Outdoor Travelling in The Great Angie Forest

    Outdoor Travelling in The Great Angie Forest

    In the hot summer, the company organized all the team members to take a road trip to Anji to participate in outdoor tourism.Water parks, resorts, barbecues, mountain climbing and rafting were arranged.And many other activities. While getting close to nature and entertaining ourselves, we als...
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  • Summer Sports Meeting

    Summer Sports Meeting

    .news_img_box img{ width:49%; padding:1%; } In order to strengthen the teamwork ability, the company organized and arranged the summer sports meeting.During this period, various sports activities were arranged to compete with Chile for the purpose of strengthening the coordination, communicati...
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  • Exhibition


    APPP EXPO SW Digital attended the APPP EXPO in Shanghai ,mainly to show the Large format printing media,max width is 5M. And on the exhibition show also promote the new items of “PVC FREE” media. ...
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  • Company Activity 1

    Company Activity 1

    Merry Christmas Merry Christmas and SW Label team joined a sweet dinner together,meantime sent our best wishes to our customers.Of course, Christmas Eve apple peace and peace are indispensable. ...
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