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Facestock: 50um Laser Silk Silver Matt PET/ 75um Laser Silk Silver Matt PET / 100um Laser Silk Silver Matt PET
Adhesive: Hot-Melt Glue / Water-based Glue / Solvent-based Glue
Liner:  80g CCK paper / 100g white silicone paper / 120g silicone paper /140g silicone paper /150g chrome paper
Compatible Ink: Laser


Compatible with many brands of desktop printers such as Epson, Canon Xerox etc. Outstanding color inkjet printing, instant dry speed and waterproof.The label surface is PET which is environmental friendly and high temperature resistant.And the top coating is anti-scratch.Thicker release liner make it more rigid and flat, easy to be printed in Laser printer.


Digital inks and toners have different properties and apply on the substrates in the different environments comparing to conventional printing.

In a printing process with Inkjet technology the ink is transferred through the tiny nozzles to the substrate and subsequently cured (non-contact process).


Used as digital label , provide variable info and personalized product and service.Digital label meets the new trend of market demand, which is perfect solution for pressure of cost reduction ,shorter lead time and less running size. We can supply from jumbol roll , mini roll to A3/A4 sheets. It is widely used in supermarkets and offices because it can print quickly without the need for platemaking.


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