• Talking About RFID

    Talking About RFID

    RFID is the abbreviation of radio frequency identification. It directly inherits the concept of radar and develops a new technology of AIDC (automatic identification and data collection) – RFID technology. In order to achieve the goal of target recognition and data exchange, the technology ...
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  • The Choice For Label

    The Choice For Label

    Label material selection A qualified sticker must be based on the properties of the surface material and the adhesive, with the appearance design, printing suitability, pasting effect as the process control, only the final application is perfect, the label is qualified. 1.The appearance of label ...
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  • The Influence Of Paper’s Expansion Stability

    The Influence Of Paper’s Expansion Stability

    1 Unstable temperature and humidity of production environment When the temperature and humidity of the production environment are not stable, the amount of water absorbed or lost by the paper from the environment will be inconsistent, resulting in the instability of the paper expansion. 2 New pap...
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  • Uv-led Curing Small Talk

    Uv-led Curing Small Talk

    With the increasing popularity of UV curing technology in the printing industry, a printing method using UV-LED as curing light source has attracted more and more attention of printing enterprises. UV-LED is a kind of LED, which is single wavelength invisible light. It can be divided into four ba...
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  • Exhibition


    APPP EXPO SW Digital attended the APPP EXPO in Shanghai ,mainly to show the Large format printing media,max width is 5M. And on the exhibition show also promote the new items of “PVC FREE” media. ...
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  • Company Activity 1

    Company Activity 1

    Merry Christmas Merry Christmas and SW Label team joined a sweet dinner together,meantime sent our best wishes to our customers.Of course, Christmas Eve apple peace and peace are indispensable. ...
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  • Company Activity 2

    Company Activity 2

    Annual Dinner In the beginning of 2020, SW Label set a big party to welcome the 2020! Advanced individuals and teams were commended at the meeting .At the same time, there are wonderful artistic performances and lucky draw activities. SW Family members gathered together ...
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